Fly Anglers Corner welcomes you!

Fly fishing has been my passion for the past 11 years. As a resident of Texas, I fish mostly on the Lower Mountain Fork River in southeastern Oklahoma. I also spend quite a bit of time in the rivers in Arkansas and Missouri, including the White River and the Little Red. I’ve made several trips to northeastern New Mexico to the San Juan River and have experienced fly fishing the long section of the Colorado River below Glen Canyon Dam to Lee’s Ferry. Additionally, I have fished for northern pike in Canada and for Black Drum in the Louisiana costal flats, along with some of the smaller rivers and tributaries around Telluride, Colorado. But my favorite species to fish for is trout. Therefore fishing for trout will be the focus of this site.

I was introduced to fly fishing in November of 2000, and a spark ignited with me that soon became a blazing desire to learn everything I could about the sport. I was very fortunate to be introduced to master fly angler Frank Little within the first month of my new venture. For the first two years, I spent almost every weekend with Frank, who educated me in the art and techniques of fly fishing. A two-hour drive each way to the river made for plenty of classroom time with my mentor. Though he no longer lives close enough for us to fish together, I will never forget the things he taught me; things like the tempo of the cast and turning over rocks in the river. He often said, “Figuring out the fish is the fun part of it”. By that, he meant when you discover what the fish are keying on that day and in what part of the water column you need to be fishing. Then the strike and the hook up are very rewarding.

I played golf in my past and so did Frank, so when it came to casting, he used the correlation of the golf swing to teach me to cast. “It’s all about tempo,” Frank would say. And he is right. If you are learning to cast and have ever played golf, keep that in mind.

Frank also taught me how to tie flies, another very gratifying part of the sport. Catching a fish on a pattern that you tied is the icing on the cake. Sweet! At first I was afraid I was not tying very good looking patterns, but he would say, “People like pretty flies, fish like flies that look like bugs.”

Here we will discuss many aspects of the sport such as tactics and techniques, especially when fishing for trout. We will provide information and instruction to assist the novice in learning to cast and read the water. We will offer tips on trout habitat and where to look for the fish. These basics are essential to becoming successful.

Fly Anglers Corner can assist the experienced fly angler, as well. We offer a place to give and receive advice, discuss recent trends in equipment, tying instruction, and tips to add to your fly fishing experience. In return, we ask that you share some of your 'fish tales' with us. Check out the Fly Shop also. We’re certain you’ll find something helpful to give you an edge as a fly angler.

Wishing you tight lines and keep the fly in the strike zone! Enjoy your fly fishing experience and your visit here to

Philip Ferguson, aka Shortcaster