Choosing the Right Fly


Fly selection is one of the most important decisions you make during the day of fishing. Looking around, turning over rocks, reading the water, and observing any insect activity coming off the surface of the water or active on the surface will be a key factor in your fly selection.  Having a wide variety of flies is the fly anglers advantage so that he or she may change out the pattern they are fishing, quickly.  Often times the fish key in on a specific insect for only a short period of time. The fly anglers needs to be prepared  to offer up what the trout are keying in on.

Fly selection is sometimes paired with the phrase “matching the hatch”. Ultimately that is your objective. Figure out what is in the river that the fish may be keying on and find as close a match in your fly box as possible.

So whether your fishing with dry flies, or wet flies such as nymphs, emergers, midges, or streamers.....having a variety of each of these is a necessity.

If you tie your own flies, or are learning fly tying, then you will also want to learn to tie a wide selection for your fly boxes.