Flies and Patterns

This page is designed to help identify the most widely known and frequently used fly patterns.  This list does not by any means identify all the flies and patterns in the world of fly fishing.  These are however the main catagories in which fly patterns mainly fall under. 

A "dry fly" is tied with materials that will allow it to float on top of the water, a "wet fly" is typicall fished below the waters surface and is often weighted so as to make it sink. Emergers, nymphs, midges, and soft hackles, all fall under the "wet fly" catagory. A "streamer" is typically fished below the surface like the "wet fly", but is usually fished in a different type of presentation. "Terrestrial" are typically fished as "dry flies" on the surface, and represent land insects such as ants, grasshoppers, spiders, etc.

A collection of these flies in assorted sizes will almost assuredly produce results at one time or another on any trout stream.

Dry Flies

Wet Flies



 Zebra Midge
Wooly Bugger

 Foam Hopper
Elk Hair Caddis

 Bead Head
Wooly Bugger

 Deer Hair Ant
 Parachute Adams
Bead Head Brassie

 Muddler Minnow
BWO (Blue Winged Olive)
San Juan Worm
Black Nosed Dace
Parachute Ant
Royal Wulff

 Mickey Finn

 Foam Spider
Griffith's Gnat
Soft Hackle


 Chernobyl Ant
Royal Coachman
Bead Head
Zebra Midge

Flying Black Ant
Blue Dun
Hares Ear
Parachute Hopper
Pale Morning Dun

Bead Head
Pheasant Tail
Bead Head
Bunny Muddler
High Vis
Foam Beatle
Bead Head Prince
Egg Sucking Leach
Fat Albert