Fly Tying Instructions

Fly tying is an additional part of the fun and challenge in the sport of fly fishing.  My mentor Frank Little once asked me, "Do you tie flies to go fishing, or go fishing to tie flies?"  His question puzzled me. Not long after Frank ask this question, he took a look in my fly box.  He said, "I see you tie flies to go fishing."  I had to ask at this point the purpose of his original question.  He explained to me that he had taken people fishing many times who, after only an hour or so in the water were ready to stop fishing.  They would often say to him, " I'm ready to get back to the vise and do some more fly tying."  Basically, they loved fly tying more than the fishing itself and going fishing once in a while was the justification to fly tying.  Whichever catagory you fall into, you will find assistance here in your fly tying endeavors. 

For the fly angler that ties his or her own flies, there is the added gratification of knowing you fooled the fish with a pattern that you made yourself.  As with anything in life, there are some basics that are necessary to your success.  There are certain flies that every trout angler has in their box.  The flies listed here are "must have" flies.   Learn how to tie them using the instructions provided here.

Click on the name of the fly you want for the fly tying instructions for that pattern.

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Woolly Bugger

Gold Ribbed Hares Ear  
Pheasant Tail  
Griffith's Gnat  
BWO (blue Winged Olive)  
Zebra Midge  
Elk Hair Caddis