The Strike Zone

The "film" just below the surface--
Emergers and soft hackle type flies 
Middle of the water column--
Nymphs, Emergers, Midges, Streamers
Deep along the bottom--
Larva, Pupa, Midges, Nymphs

As this site is mostly targeting fly fishing for trout, we will specifically be talking about the strike zone as it relates to trout fishing. The strike zone will vary from day to day on each stream or river.  Choosing the right fly will be key in your success for the day. 

The strike zone is the section of the water column in which the fish are feeding. Some days they are strictly feeding on the bottom, other times they are feeding on emergers and the strike zone is somewhere in the middle section of the water column. And then there is the ultimate delight to the fly fisherman when the strike zone is the surface.

There are occasions when it appears the trout are feeding on the surface because they are breaking water and you can see them rising, however they are actually feeding in what some refer to as the “film” just below the surface.

Finding the strike zone is a big part of determining the success of your day of angling. It is also part of the sport of fly fishing. “Figuring out the fish” as Frank Little used to tell me, is part of the fun, and it is certainly part of the challenge of this great sport.